River Basin Energy delivers the most sustainable, most affordable, renewable energy. It's as simple as that.

The current rate of fossil fuel consumption with its associated air emissions is unsustainable if environmental consequences are to be avoided. Yet some say that they will not put the environment ahead of the economy; in short it’s either cheap or it’s green.

River Basin Energy believes we can do both: Let's continue use our existing (paid for) power stations, ships, ports and grid networks, but let's convert this to renewables... without additional cost. By using the existing coal fired power stations and the infrastructure that this uses, we can convert these assets to biomass, simply by changing the fuel.

River Basin Energy's torrefied solid biomass fuel ("TSBF") is sustainable, renewable and carbon neutral... but it burns, ships, stores and handles just like coal.

Bioenergy provides energy on demand, and has the potential to be the low cost energy source

The role of bioenergy in bridging the gap between the current energy mix and a fossil free energy supply is becoming increasingly important, with biomass being seen as the only viable way to provide renewable energy on demand. Moreover, the role of bioenergy is vital in supplying renewable heat, with over 98% of such energy coming from biomass. TSBF, River Basin Energy's solid biomass fuel, is seen by many utilities, heat customers and consumers as an excellent solution.


Biomass accounted for about 10% of global primary energy supply (an estimated 56.6 EJ). The “modern biomass” share included approximately 13 EJ to supply heat in the building and industry sectors: an estimated 5 EJ converted to produce around 116 billion litres of biofuels (assuming 60% conversion efficiency of the original biomass), and a similar amount used to generate an estimated 405 TWh of electricity (assuming 30% conversion efficiency).
- Source: Renewables 2014 Global Status Report, REN21. -

RBE’s torrefied solid biomass fuel ("TSBF") process in it’s simplest form

Biomass (wood or other biomass) is fed into a fluid bed reactor. There it is torrefied (a mild pyrolysis, in air) which increases the energy density of the wood from ca. 10-15 GJ/tonne to over 22 GJ/tonne, and simultaneously makes the biomass hydrophobic, biologically stable, easy to condense, ship, store, handle, grind and burn in existing energy generating assets.
By providing forest owners with a viable income, we contribute in our small way, to preserving the forest assets, with all the associated benefits of biodiversity and carbon storage.


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