The concern on competitive land use between food production, animal feed and the recent trends in fuel production is mainly centered around the production of transport fuels. It is inevitable that this will continue to escalate as a controversial issue, particularly with so much of the world's population directly impacted by even a small change in food prices.

River Basin Energy recognises that industrial growth must not conflict with agriculture and we have chosen to source our biomass raw materials from sustainable forests, or as residues or wastes from forest operations, sawmills and paper mills. In this respect we expect to have no impact on the available farmland or the cost of food. The forest lands that support our operations are chosen because they are well managed according to internationally accepted sustainable forestry standards, and have no prior use as arboreal forests. We also ensure that our operations can be sustained by taking only the normal annual growth in the forest, and do not contribute to a reduction in the overall forest volume. In this way there is no "carbon debt": we only harvest what nature put in the forest last year.

By providing forest owners with a viable income, we contribute in our small way, to preserving the forest assets, with all the associated benefits of biodiversity and carbon storage.
Biomass accounted for about 10% of global primary energy supply (an estimated 56.6 EJ). The “modern biomass” share included approximately 13 EJ to supply heat in the building and industry sectors: an estimated 5 EJ converted to produce around 116 billion litres of biofuels (assuming 60% conversion efficiency of the original biomass), and a similar amount used to generate an estimated 405 TWh of electricity (assuming 30% conversion efficiency).
- Source: Renewables 2014 Global Status Report, REN21. -


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